About The Hong Kong
Laureate Forum

The Hong Kong Laureate Forum aspires to be a world-class academic exchange event to connect the current and next generations of leaders in scientific pursuit, and to promote understanding and interests of the young generation in Hong Kong and around the world in various disciplines in science and technology.

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Inaugural Forum


The inaugural Hong Kong Laureate Forum will take place in second half of 2023. Shaw Laureates and distinguished scientists will spend a week in Hong Kong interacting with about 200 young scientists from around the world, sharing their views, experience and aspirations in various scientific fields. The week of programme will consist of world-class intellectual seminars, discussion groups, workshops, poster sessions and visits to the latest Hong Kong scientific development projects, universities and institutes as well as cross-cultural social activities.

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Shaw Laureates

The Shaw Prize is an international award to honour individuals who are currently active in their respective fields and who have recently achieved distinguished and significant advances, who have made outstanding contributions in academic and scientific research or applications, or who in other domains have achieved excellence. 


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Call of Climate

22 Apr is "Earth Day", one of the world's largest environmental protection events, with nearly 200 countries responded so far, aiming to protect the environment and create a better planet. This year, to discuss the impact of climate change, we have prepared 10 climate-related videos coined as "Call of Climate" supplemented with science knowledge, having Mr LEUNG Wing Mo, Former Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory and Ms Natalie CHUNG, Co-Founder of V'air Hong Kong, an environmental education organization to promote low-carbon tourism, as the hosts. Episodes will be published on our website and social media platforms. Stay tuned!

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Science in the Community

Nobel Laureate in Physics - Professor Charles Kuen KAO

Crowned as the "Father of Fibre Optics", "Father of Fibre Optic Communication" and "Godfather of Broadband", the 2009 "Nobel Laureate in Physics, Charles Kuen KAO is generally regarded as one of the most significant and influential contributors to engineering in modern times. His "groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication" was instrumental to the explosive development of the age of the Internet..…

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Dark Matter

If you have done star-gazing, you probably would have enjoyed and admired the majestic arrangements of stars into galaxies. Our Sun is a typical star in the Milky Way, our home galaxy, a typical galaxy in the universe. The hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe group into galaxy clusters, forming even larger structures. Other than stars, what constitutes a galaxy? How did galaxies and galaxy clusters form? How did these structures emerge from the almost perfectly uniform distribution in the early universe? ..…

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Ageing: an Inevitable Consequence of All Life?

The concept of ageing is a mysterious process and raises many questions. Why do organisms age? Why do we die at different ages? What are the mechanisms that underlie ageing? This is especially intriguing when scientists observe varying lifespans of one laboratory mice strain, consisting of genetically identical individuals...…

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